Applied Innovation Exchange Ecosystem

The AIE’s global curated Ecosystem ranges from startups and academics to the largest technology providers to ensure an accelerated path to applied innovation.

Embrace Open Innovation

Innovation availability, and access to it, are no longer market issues; applying innovation and becoming proficient at doing so as core competencies are the new market reality. “Companies can no longer innovate in isolation, or be content with development and deployment cycles measured in years, or months,” comments Lanny Cohen, Group Chief Technology Officer at Capgemini. “The risks of not acting or acting in yesterday’s innovation paradigms are far too great.”

In order to drive applied innovation, an open multi-disciplinary ecosystem is required. There has to be a collaborative, co-creative approach to build prototypes, proof-of-concepts and demonstrate business value. Ecosystems thrive on the energy that comes from sharing ideas. To create this energy you need to combine different types of people, partners, and even ecosystems together. Capgemini’s global ecosystem of innovation experts can help any organization determine how to drive applied innovation at the right speed and scale in a secure and sustainable manner.

Your Global Gateway to Applied Innovation

The AIE serves as a gateway between multi-national clients and the global ecosystem. We are continuously advancing our diverse, global ecosystem in order to expose companies to the latest thinking, technologies and experiences from a range of ecosystem partners.

Organizations are provided access to our unique ecosystem of startups, accelerators, incubators, strategic technology and business partners to infuse innovation into everyday business. The Applied Innovation Exchanges are capable of leveraging a high performance engagement experience together with a broad community of designers, technologists, sector experts, business and technology partners, academics, research organizations and startups to enable organizations to proactively plan for and respond to the various technology and business shifts which are confronting them on a daily basis.

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