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Drupal: a strategic CMS for our clients

We've been working with Drupal since 2007 and believe that Drupal is often the best and most cost effective solution for our customers to build their online presence and business. That's also why we internally chose Drupal to power our knowledge management tool.

We thoughtfully combine onshore with offshore development to assure that the end result is both high quality and cost optimal. To deliver large and complex websites we can leverage our people's knowledge of Drupal as well as our extensive experience with solving problems in the enterprise world.

All this makes Capgemini a capable and reliable partner to help enterprises successfully exploit the power of Drupal and its community.

To achieve ambitious goals of our clients, we have created a dedicated Drupal Factory (, you can contact us using:

Capgemini, a pro-active community member

We invite you to visit Capgemini dedicated page on This is the place where you can meet our developers and have insight talks about Drupal.

Being part of Drupal 8 challenge

Alex Pott (UK Drupal team) worked actively and is Drupal Core developer on D8 CMI, the new Configuration system. This is an exciting experience we are proud to be participating to.

Capgemini is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology, and outsourcing services with around 120,000 employees and presence in 40 countries. Our clients come to us with high security and scaling expectations. We decided to join Acquia’s Large Scale Drupal (LSD) project: 3 fulltime developers are dedicated on doobie module ( which represents many thousands of hours of work.

Long term participation

But being here on big challenges is not everything. Our teams simply participate to make Drupal an even better CMS each day while testing, coding, sharing, patching, recommending and scaling Drupal solutions.

  • More than 200 developers make us one of the biggest Drupal integrators globally.
  • We are 69 members on
  • And 20 committers to
  • More than 1000 commits, and many more patches and talks
  • Capgemini regularly sponsors and shares experience at Drupal events for years: from big DrupalCon (Munich 2012, London 2011, Paris 2009) to sprints and local meetings (London, Toulouse, Paris)

Big Drupal projects we are proud to have delivered

Our clients expectations are the objective reason why we work so hard on delivering quality, security and scaling on Drupal projects.

They provide us the opportunity to give so much back to Drupal community.


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More than 70 patches submitted to the Drupal community while building sites of our clients. These patches are targeting a large set of different modules embedded our projects.

Here are some patches that we’ve submitted (non exhaustive list):